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Engaged: Alex and Blake

This has to be one of my favorite engagement shoots… ever. I LOVED the idea of a home shoot. It’s been on my bucket list and your family house was literally perfect for this. Timeless, […]

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Engaged: Katie and Justin

Katie and Justin are serious TROOPERS. Y’all there was a weather advisory out on this day. I believe the HIGH was -10F and the windchill was quite a bit lower than that. We all had […]

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Engaged: Kelly and Tarin

Who remembers the summer proposal on the dock where I was undercover and casually “reading a book?” ;) Remember the gal who shed 1000 happy tears? Well… we’re back! This time I’m not undercover and […]

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Engaged: Neila and Ryan

November is the awkward weather month in Minnesota. Like… is it going to rain? Snow? Be sunny? Will a tsunami hit us? Will it look lifeless and dead outside? Unfortunately, that it was. But we […]

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The Wojchik Wedding

As a photographer, it is THE coolest thing to be able to learn about a couple’s love story then be able to document the biggest milestone in their journey together. This wedding was no exception. Whitney and […]

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Engaged: Lindsey and Davis

My favorite part of this entire shoot was when I would show Lindsey the shots after I’d take them, she’d freak out at disbelief that that was really her and Davis. Like it’s actually their […]

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Engaged: Haley and Thor

I usually meet up with couples at the location we decide to shoot at. However, with Haley and Thor living 5 minutes away from me, we decided to carpool. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Our car ride was […]

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Engaged: Kym and Colin

A sunrise engagement shoot on Lake Minnetonka? On a sailboat? Say no more. This was one brilliant idea and I couldn’t have imagined doing it with anyone else. Kym and Colin, you two are one […]

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Engaged: Kelly and Tarin

From the first photo to the second, you can literally FEEL all the emotion coming from Kelly. This woman was genuinely SO surprised. The first surprise of the weekend was Tarin coming into town. The […]

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Engaged: Ashton and Landon

What a breathtaking evening filled with 1000 rose petals, some bubbly, a cute puppy, and of course–your best friend getting down on one knee. This riverside proposal could not have been more perfect.      […]

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