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Engaged: Janie and Nate

Sticking to the game plan and keeping a proposal a surprise is often the hardest thing to do… especially when things don’t go as planned… like the weather (lol). Nate was planning to ask Janie to […]

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Engaged: Micaela and Gaelin

You know the saying, “when you know you know?” That was definitely the case for Gaelin and Micaela. Gaelin had reached out to me a while before the proposal with the request to candidly photograph […]

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Engaged: Jorja and Luke

Jorja and Luke–you two are one sweet couple. You came to the shoot ready to have a blast and that is exactly what happened. I can’t believe how much snow we had. You guys… it […]

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Engaged: Alex and Blake

This has to be one of my favorite engagement shoots… ever. I LOVED the idea of a home shoot. It’s been on my bucket list and your family house was literally perfect for this. Timeless, […]

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Engaged: Katie and Justin

Katie and Justin are serious TROOPERS. Y’all there was a weather advisory out on this day. I believe the HIGH was -10F and the windchill was quite a bit lower than that. We all had […]

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Engaged: Kelly and Tarin

Who remembers the summer proposal on the dock where I was undercover and casually “reading a book?” ;) Remember the gal who shed 1000 happy tears? Well… we’re back! This time I’m not undercover and […]

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Engaged: Neila and Ryan

November is the awkward weather month in Minnesota. Like… is it going to rain? Snow? Be sunny? Will a tsunami hit us? Will it look lifeless and dead outside? Unfortunately, that it was. But we […]

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The Wojchik Wedding

As a photographer, it is THE coolest thing to be able to learn about a couple’s love story then be able to document the biggest milestone in their journey together. This wedding was no exception. Whitney and […]

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Engaged: Lindsey and Davis

My favorite part of this entire shoot was when I would show Lindsey the shots after I’d take them, she’d freak out at disbelief that that was really her and Davis. Like it’s actually their […]

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Engaged: Haley and Thor

I usually meet up with couples at the location we decide to shoot at. However, with Haley and Thor living 5 minutes away from me, we decided to carpool. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Our car ride was […]

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