Engaged: Courtney and Kevin

I can’t believe Kevin proposed to Courtney a YEAR ago. Here we are a year later… halfway through the long wait until the big wedding coming up next summer (July 26 2019). I keep getting asked if I’m photographing your guys’ wedding… well, world, the answer is no because I get the honor of being IN it as one of Courtney’s bridesmaids. That being said, I would never pass up the opportunity to take some cute engagement photos of my favorite couple ;)

I always talk about how great of a couple Courtney and Kevin are. If anyone knows them personally, you know what I mean… these two complement each other perfectly. Courtney is the biggest grandma out there (lol) but Kevin, you are the fun spirit in the relationship that keeps Courtney young. Courtney, I don’t know what it is but Kevin is always so happy around you. Ever since a year ago when we were scheming your dream proposal, he had the biggest smile on his face just thinking of you as his fiancé rather than girlfriend. Only a few months until you guys are husband and wife. Wow–I CANNOT WAIT. 




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