Megan and Loren | Bavaria Down Summer Wedding

I have seen my couples go through hell and back in 2020 with the covid chaos and let me just say… this couple… Megan and Loren… this couple got MARRIED and they weren’t going to let anything stop them. Their wedding was epic and filled with so much joy to say the least. They deserved every perfect moment that came from their day. Can you believe they’ve been together for 8 years?!?! NOTHING was gonna stop them from becoming Mr. and Mrs. 


I was back at one of my faaaaavoooorite Minnesota venues — Bavaria Downs. This venue is gorgeous and can we talk about the STUNNING palette of colors that Megan and Loren picked for their day?! It all came together perfectly. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to get over Megan’s bridal shots. This woman looked INCREDIBLE. Simply breathtaking. I mean fast forward to Megan and Loren’s first look… Loren was tearing up… I was tearing up… my second shooters were tearing up… it’s fine we were all just a crying mess. Wait, let’s back up for a second… one of my favorite things that Megan and Loren did to make their wedding day UNIQUE was they read their vows to each other, back to back, just before their first look. What an awesome, intimate, and special way to make that time their own. 


Their crew of friends were FANTASTICCC. I mean talk about a hype crew of girl and guy friends. You could tell how amped they all were for their best friends to be getting hitched. Their ceremony was exactly that too. Talk about a beautiful unity and all in Bavaria’s stunning outdoor pavilion space. I mean COME ON. Goals. It almost didn’t even feel like we were in Minnesota. Another unique part of their wedding was they had a live painter. I had seen this recently on some social media platforms but to see one LIVE AND IN ACTION was incredible. Megan’s mom surprised them with that painter. For those of you who don’t know what a live painter is — it’s a painter who is in the corner of the reception hall from the start of cocktail hour. They begin to pain that reception space up until the end of the night. At the end of the night, the couple walks away with a unique painting from their wedding AND throughout the night, guests are entertained as they watch the painter at work. 


Okay I know I had a lot of favorite parts from these guys’ day but a HUGE one has to be their golden hour photos. I MEAN HOW JUICY WERE THEIR SUNSET PHOTOS YOU GUYS. I just couldn’t get enough photographing these guys frolicking around in the field. The sun was out to play and we were soaking it alllllllll up. 


One of the most FUN parts of their wedding day for me was the incredible vendor squad that was involved. Nothing makes me happier than when couples book vendors off our recommended vendor list. It’s one thing to have baller vendors… it’s another thing to have baller vendors that are all friends with each other. SO FUN!!!