Sara and Michael | Bavaria Downs Winter Wedding

Sara and Michael’s wedding was the definition of a photographer’s dream! Everything fell into place SO FLAWLESSLY!!! The decor, wedding squad, company present, the love in the air—it was all so sweet and perfect. 

The day started off at one of my favorite MN venues—Bavaria Down! This was actually my first ever winter wedding and the fact that it was at Bavaria just made it so much sweeter. One of my favorite moments of the entire day was Sara getting in her dress and her mom helping her out. Her mom then gave her a wedding present: Sara’s late father’s wedding band. Yup, cue the waterworks…. I was quietly sobbing behind my camera. Sara tied that ring to her bouquet and it was with her for the rest of the day. 

First look was adorable. I LOVE when couples read each other a letter during that time. If you think about it, it’s the one and only intimate time you have together the whole day (“intimate” meaning you + your love + photographers/videographers of course) ;) Fun fact—getting to that first look spot near the fields was a HAUL because the snow was covered with a thin layer of ice, meaning every step we took, it would crack and bam we’d be a few inches into the snow. Made for some good laughs ;) Wedding party photos was a hoot and I mean COME ON how GORGEOUS are those bridesmaids dresses + fur ponchos. Classy, chic, and elegant. Guys, you looked pretty dapper too ;)

After Sara and Michael’s ceremony… we went to their favorite place ever!!!! THE AIRPORT. These guys are both pilots. Actually ~fun fact~, Michael was Sara’s flight instructor!!!! This was a very significant part of their relationship, let alone their own lives, so of course we made a stop to get some photos :) (also… yup… a photographers DRREEEAAAM). Not gonna lie… those shots have to be some of my favorite bride and groom portraits EVER. 

We ended the day back at Bavaria with a gorgeous reception set up and again, little aviation-related details. What a perfect winter wedding :)


Lead Shot for Trish Allison Photography