The Marlenee Wedding

What I love most about Luke and Jorja’s relationship is how pure and intentional it is. These two are the smiliest, happiest, kindest souls ever. Both of their smiles can light up the room. Heck, their smiles could light up the WORLD.

Even their wedding embodied exactly that. They focused on what really matters: each other and the people they love surrounding them. The table name card backs each had a PERSONAL MESSAGE written from the bride, Jorja, herself. I loved mine so much I kept it. That name card currently sits on my office desk. Jorja, being a picture person, included a polaroid camera by the guest book so when people signed it, they included a photo of themselves. At the ceremony, there was a basket with all kinds of sunscreen and bugs spray for their guest… I’m telling you… they thought of all the little things!

My favorite part of their day, hands down, was the big group photo they requested to be taken after their ceremony. I went to the top of a barn, opened the overlook door, and snapped a photo that had EVERY SINGLE GUEST captured in. I was smiling from ear to ear about this. What a beautiful photo/memory to be able to look back on in 30 years! Oh by the way, that overlook had no bar to keep me from falling to my death… you could say I almost peed my pants hahaha. 

I admire Jorja and Luke’s relationship and their entire wedding day. They prioritized their MARRIAGE. That deserves the biggest AMEN ever.