The Phillips Wedding


First thing first, I am HONORED to have been able to document Kelly and Tarin’s love journey. I photographed their PROPOSAL, ENGAGEMENT, AND WEDDING. Wowowow. They are my first couple that I have been able to do that for. I know this is their wedding blog post but I have to highlight a FEW of my all-time favs with these lovebirds:


So basically, when their wedding rolled around I was like LETS FREAKING GOOOOO. Also, I had met Kelly’s best friends (her bridesmaids) and parents at their proposal so their wedding was like a mini reunion one year later! ALSO FUN FACT!!!! Kelly’s family lives literally 30 seconds away from my house…  #neighbors. 

Okay back to Phillips Wedding… I could not get my eyes off Kelly on her wedding day. This girl was an absolute goddess. Talk about a QUEEN. Also her in her dress!!!! SO elegant. I made her spin probably 2398472384 times for photos because I just couldn’t get enough. And Tarin!!! He looked SO sharp that day. AHHH!! Their church ceremony was so beautiful and their bubble exit? To die for!! The newly weds and their wedding party (plus meeee) went straight to the Wayzata Docks and hopped on a boat. Private party cocktail hour on a boat with your best friends? Say less. Those photos on the boat were so dang FUN. On the photographer-end, I was trying my best to not get too seasick AND keep my balance; believe it or not, it’s more challenging than it appears to simultaneously maintain balance and take photos on a moving watercraft. The rest of their night was such a party! Beautiful first dances followed by partying to live music (shout out Riverside Hitmen! you guys are a HOOT!). I cannot get over those evening shots out on the lake. What a beautiful end to a beautiful wedding day! 


Alright fam I expect to document your maternity pics, family pics, future kids’ senior photos, and their weddings too. :))))