The Reinsel Wedding

Oh my gosh okay where to even start…. well, I was SO excited on Lindsey and Davis’s wedding day that I literally arrived earlier than planned because I couldn’t contain my excitement. No joke guys… lol. There were so many beautiful moments through out their day. First off, their DETAILS. I loveeeed the touch of emerald green in everything: Lindsey’s ring, her garter, their stationary, and gift wrapping. Talk about the little things that really tie everything together. As I was going back and forth photographing the guys getting ready in one room and the girls in another, Lindsey would ask me every time how Davis was doing. She literally got so pumped even thinking about him. Oh I forgot to mention, throughout the morning, Lindsey kept saying “I can’t believe I’m getting married” — this girl was the epitome of JOY that day. It was sooooo heartwarming.

Okay their first look. So precious. That morning it was raining but it cleared out JUST IN TIME for full party photos outside on A’bulaes gorgeous rooftop. We ended up being so ahead of schedule that we went down to a random street of St. Paul and snuck in some more portraits of the lovebirds. Their wedding was literally the best combination of urban with a hit of organic.

Lindsey and Davis’ first dance gave me the GOOSIES. I don’t know what it was but it was just… perfect. So intimate and so beautiful. After that they invited all mothers and sons to the dance floor for a mother-son dance. Then, all fathers and daughters for a father-son dance. Okay… this was the first time I ever saw something like this and I was BAWLING. Tears were streaming down my face during both dances as I was trying to capture the dance while admiring the relationship radiating in the room. Seriously, I was a mess you guys hahahah. I saw 1 year olds to 80 year olds, mother-son and father-daughter relationships from all kinda generations. My favorite moment was when a dad was trying to dance with ALL FOUR of his daughters at once. Love love love love love. I seriously think all weddings should have a moment like this.

So sunset time rolled around and HOLY SMOKES. THE SUN CAME OUT TO PLAY!!!! Yup, we took major advantage. Look at these lovebirds!!! Those pics scream “YUP WE ARE HAPPILY HITCHED!!!!” Their send off was so freaking cool: bells!! Lindsey told me at her meeting prior to her wedding that A’bulae had a no fire and no mess policy. So, we brainstormed, what could be a cool exit without a mess but essentially make the most noise possible… yet still be cool or pics? Alright, bells it is…. lets do this. It didn’t dissapoint. What an awesome send off…. right into their honeymoon in Japan. GOALS.