Associate Seniors: Taylor ’20

{associate senior session}

YALL. what a COOL coincidence is this!!!! I was looking through Taylor’s shoot one morning and then took a break to go to brunch with my friends. We go to Uptown Diner and as I put my name down, I made awkward eye contact with a girl I thought I knew. Ya know when ya weirdly lock eyes with someone and you both noticed it and you don’t know whether to address it or dodge everything? 😂 I was like hmm I swear that looks like this morning’s girl on my computer. I was going to go up to her but she beat me to it and came to my table. Lone behold… it was Taylor!!!!!!!! Even though I didn’t get to meet this gal directly for her senior pics… I was so happy I got to meet her this way!!! Anyway… enough with my long story lol. Taylor, you’re beautiful. Jack said you were sooo easy to work with and I can tell. You look so authentically happy and beautiful in all these photos :)


(Associate session shot by Jack)