Saige Fehresti and Jack Pavett, Minnesota Photographers

Meet Saige, head photographer

Hi, friends!! My name is Saige Fehresti and I’m the short—barely 5' 2''—human behind the camera.

How I got here: my entire life my mother insisted I find a sport, musical instrument, hobby, volunteering, something, anything, I liked and to stick with it for the rest of my life. You name it; I’ve tried it! Since owning my first DSLR camera at the age of 12, I learned that my true passion is photography. It’s not capturing a cool shot that satisfies me, it’s being able to preserve a memory from one generation to the next. Nothing is more rewarding than making people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. My goal is to capture a happy day, a moment, and translate it into a photograph. Whether it’s to show off a big ring, graduation cap, or even baby bumps—there’s nothing more rewarding than saving that memory for you.

Meet Jack, associate photographer

Howdy. My name is Jack Pavett, I’m the associate photographer for Lahzeh Photography! I’ve specialized in many different fields of photography. From landscapes to sports to currently (and permanently) portraits and wedding! I really love working with people; it’s my passion... Photography is more of a side gig. Just kidding, it’s a big part of my life and I wouldn’t trade it in for any other job in the world. Some of my hobbies include chillin with the bros, playing guitar (hmu if you need lessons, I also teach) and hammocking. I hope to make you laugh at least once from one of my many dad jokes;) Can’t wait to meet y’all!”