DECEMBER 9-13 2024

we are going to San Diego, CA


Hey what’s up HELLOOOOO! TIME FOR ANOTHER WORKSHOP RETREAT! You don’t want to miss this one!

Quick deets:

-WHEN: Monday December 9, 2024 – Friday December 13, 2024

-WHERE: San Diego, CA
Lodging and meals included for the duration of the workshop retreat

-WHAT: Workshop week will include 5 styled shoots + bonus photo opps (both on-site and off-site). There will be 3 educational segments where I, Saige, will teach on branding, marketing, and team building. Tons of open Q&A time and mentoring throughout the week.

-WHAT ELSE: edit parties, new photography friends, explore a new city, and moooooore!

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"This workshop changed my life! The information, education, hands on learning experience and friendships I made have truly been so incredible and invaluable to me in my business. I was so excited to go home and put what I learned into practice and 1 year later I can say I definitely see the fruits of those changes I made.
Saige and her team put SO much time, detail, love and dedication into this workshop and it truly showed. I was in awe the entire time with every styled shoot we had... it was definitely worth every penny and more! By far the best investment I’ve made into my business was taking this workshop + retreat!"

{Asmeret Photography}


Sarah M.

"I’ve been on retreats before and never quite felt like I was getting the full positive experience I was looking for. They either lacked an educational piece, didn’t have great personalities actually running the retreat, or I didn’t vibe with the content being created. When I tell you that this retreat had everything I wanted - I’m not giving it the credit it deserves. It was so so organized and smooth, the content for the sessions was beautiful, on-brand for me, and honestly just really fun, and Saige really knocked the education out of the park. Coming home, I felt so excited about what I had learned and captured, and what I was about to do to change my business! I could tell how much the whole team cared about the experience for us as attendees and wanted it to be a level above the retreats most of us had been going on. Arizona was amazing - but San Diego… man that’s gonna be killer!"

{Sarah Millikan Photography}



"This retreat was a game changer for my business!! Not only did I gain amazing education that elevated my business, but I gained community in the photography world! I did not have many friends in the business and it was pretty lonely. But after this retreat I now have such an uplifting and loyal community! I even made some best friends that I meet with weekly to work with! The shoots were so well thought out, down to every little detail! Saige didn’t hold back and was an open book answering any and all questions!! She truly cared about helping every single person grown in their business!! I can’t recommend this retreat enough!!"

{Lizzy Anne Photography}


Kelli L.

“The Lahzeh Photography retreat did so much for me in my growth as a photographer and business owner! I was very hesitant to book at first because I’ve never done a full blown retreat before and wasn’t certain what it could do for me but it was worth every penny. It was a great experience to meet other photographers, watch other photographers in action, learn and grow from each other, learn from the wonderful Saige herself, and practice what you’ve been taught at multiple styled shoots! I’ve taken so much from what I learned at this retreat and incorporated into my daily business plan! This retreat was so much fun, eye opening and a highlight of my year! 5 Star Review here and would HIGHLY suggest joining if you are considering it for even a second!”

{Kelli Mae Photography}


Brenna L.

"I followed Siage on social media for many months before she announced her retreat. She was one of the main people that inspired me to start my photography business!When she announced the Arizona retreat I was beyond excited and jumped on the opportunity!! Saige is down to earth, dependable and she exceeded all of my expectations. My favorite part of the retreat was the education portion. It was so inspiring to hear her story and learn from the other photographers that attended the retreat. This was by far the best investment I’ve made for my business and I hope to attend another retreat in the future!! "

{Brenna Lyons Photography}


take a peek at our 2023 workshop in Scottsdale :')



Andrea W.

I didn’t book Saige’s workshop on a whim - I had been looking into workshops across the world for a year and had almost pulled the trigger on a few, many of which were in amazing locations like Italy, Iceland, Scotland. But the second I saw Saige’s workshop launch for Arizona, I knew in my gut that this was the one I was meant to be a part of. I was in my 7th year as a photographer, and was not only looking for new content and a fresh creative eye, but also a way to expand my community, and felt that learning from someone whose home base was located in my own area (Minneapolis) would be highly beneficial.

To say I got what I hoped for would be an understatement! I was expecting greatness from Saige and her team that helped put the workshop together, but this...this was above and beyond. I don’t even know how she planned and executed the number of styled shoots she did! The mansion (because hot damn, it WAS) we stayed at as a group was epic. The styled shoots all had their own individual flair. The details were exceptional. And the training was second to none. I learned so much from Saige, not only in the area of photographic and editing skill, but in the way she GIVES to her clients and her team as a businesswoman. It became crystal clear to me how she has had such success in this business and why people love her (and love to book her).

The icing on the cake was the way I made friends from this workshop that have become instrumental in my life over the last year, and saw others that attended do the exact same thing. I would pay 5x’s as much as I did for what I gained back - education, support, content, perspective, inspiration and friendship. You can’t put a price on some of those things. If you’re on the fence about investing in Saige’s workshop, I can assure you with my whole heart that you will not be disappointed! RUN DON’T WALK and be prepared to receive more than you expected!


Abby L.