Seniors: Lindsay ’20

One. Word. … RAGAMUFFIN. Hahaha I swear we will forever keep this joke going. I think I shared this story with 10 other seniors but Imma do it again on my website. Ya’ll… we were minding our own business taking photos at this little park next to a nursing home facility. Bless her soul, a random woman with her dog looks over at us and asks if we would like to pet her dog. We said sure! Who would say no to a cute little dog! Well, the dog proceeded to almost bite my arm off and her owner was like “oh, she won’t hurt you, she’s just anti-social. I need to take her out more.” She then apologized for how her dog looked like a “ragamuffin.” Once Lindsay and I left, we were dying from laughter as to what just happened. Oh, and neither of us knew what a ragamuffin was so we googled that asap. Every senior shoot has a random adventure and man, this was a fun one filled with good laughs. Lindsay, you’re so photogenic and I had the easiest time getting gorgeous shots of your pretty self :)