Seniors: Payton ’21


I’m laughing just thinking about how to sum up your shoot 😂😂😂 well the second outfit in home girl POPPED A BUTTON OFF HER DRESS while putting it on 😂🤣 I was partially concerned and partially laughing my butt off. Luckily, we have a senior emergency kit in the car… but we learned that I didn’t stock it with a sewing kit 😅 (BRB adding that to cart) but we had fashion tape and might I add… that stuff is STRONG. Meara put her intern skills to the test and somehow put Payton’s outfit back together. Okay… not done yet… Payton then ended up sitting in some sort of questionable feces 💩😂😂 again, I was laughing my butt off but partially concerned hahahah. The entire morning we were just laughing at all our shenanigans… not sure if we were laughing together or at each other? 🤔😆 We freaking LOVEDDDD working with you, girl. Thanks for being a blast🥰 PS ya’ll—don’t be late to your shoot 🙃😉 Payton was 15 minutes late and we roasted her in the gram (DONT PULL A PAYTON!!) 🤪