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Seniors: Molly ’19

What a memorable way to end the 2019 senior season. First off—killer outfits. You looked absolutely stunning in each one. And those dance shots? You have got to be kidding me!!!! Molly, I have had […]

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Seniors: Alexa ’19

GIIIIRLFRIEND… are you kidding me? You are an actual QUEEN in front of the camera. Previous clients of mine who knew you literally said to me, “oh you have Alexa? Yeah you will have a […]

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Seniors: Carleen ’19

An evening with a fellow photographer? Yep–I’ll take that any day. No joke I’ve been wanting to take your senior photos since we first started chatting on Instagram a year or two ago. You are […]

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Seniors: Carley ’19

You are by far one of my most memorable seniors. Before your shoot even happened, we were texting about wardrobe selection and one message led to the next and we’re talking about life. You are […]

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Seniors: Lexie ’19

NEVER FORGET THE SKITTLES MAN. Haha, I never know what will happen at a senior shoot and at yours… that little boy selling us his skittles box was the strangest thing. We’ll keep the inside […]

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Seniors: Olivia ’19

PRAISE GOD for your neighbor jumping your car 20 minutes before your shoot because I would’ve been the saddest soul had you missed your senior shoot. Olivia, you are amazing. I’m so glad you were […]

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Seniors: Allie ’19

Allie, my love, you are gorgeous. No seriously people–look at her simple, yet striking features. You have the sweetest smile and the kindest personality. I enjoyed every second of my time with you!     

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Seniors: Abby S. ’19

I swear there was some magic in the air because I have never had such a stellar morning shoot. The lighting, the tones, the weather, the girl, the everything! Abby you killed it. PS: you’re […]

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Seniors: Antenella ’19

I’m not sure what was more entertaining—the family mini shoot, your senior shoot, or the fact that I ran into you later that night at yogurt lab and we stayed for an hour with all […]

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Seniors: Kimiya ’19

7 years. 7 years I’ve been waiting to photograph a Persian girl and HERE WE ARE! Finally!!! I have never bonded with a senior over #PersianProbs and sharing very relatable stories so man, was this […]

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