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Seniors: Angelina ’20

I can’t believe you and Paige have been friends since literally 2 months old. I enjoyed our time during the shoot and loved capturing your beauty. It was also fun getting some friend shots in […]

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Seniors: Paige ’20

Paige!! You’re so graceful. I love how elegant and classy you look in your dress shots. A fun change of pace doing the blue shirt. It literally looks like a scene out of Florida… yet […]

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Seniors: Sadie ’20

Gosh your session couldn’t have been any more perfect. I love love love your outfit choices. The pastel tones worked so perfectly during your session, especially with all the locations we ended up at AND […]

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Seniors: Rebecca ’20

You’re just the cutest and happiest human. I love how excited you got seeing previews from your shoot. I mean, obviously you should… you’re just so dang adorable in every photo. I love your bubbly […]

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Seniors: Maria ’20

If it wasn’t evident by all my freak outs during your session, after your session, and after posting a full Instagram story preview of your session, I. LOVE. YOU. AND. YOUR. SHOOT. Seriously, you are […]

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Seniors: Emily ’20

You are a freckled cutie!!! I can’t believe we found a random bush of red flowers that worked perfectly with your red dress. Talk about luck… that was spot on! You’re adorable and so good […]

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Seniors: Francesca ’20

Another Benson!!! First off, I enjoyed getting to meet your family and photographing all of you together. It’s always fun to see how similar (or different) siblings are from one another. We dodged the rain […]

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Seniors: TJ ’20

I’m happy to say I have more than just 2 senior guys booked this year!!! TJ, I have to say, I had a great time working with you! You killed it and reminded me how […]

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Seniors: Ana ’20

I don’t think these photos do your bubbly personality any justice. Ana, you’re seriously pure joy to be around. I am excited to see what career path you go down because it HAS to be […]

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Seniors: Kristen ’20

Minus me getting eaten by a bug and us being so tired at the end of your shoot that we ended up with the unstoppable giggles, we had the BEST time. I still think it’s hilarious we […]

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