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Associate Seniors: Lily ’20

The urban vibe is strong with Lily. Who knew we’d be shooting by thousands of dumpsters and still be getting some dope urban shots?! In all seriousness I applaud your positivity and the trust you […]

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Associate Seniors: Elizabeth ’20

{associate senior session} Adventure by stone arch? BET. So fun exploring and snappin some ~sick~ pics in Minneapolis with Elizabeth. Side note: Idk how you guys found parking down there. I pre-parked half a mile […]

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Seniors: Sydney ’20

Sydney! I loved getting to know you!! You’re so awesome and easygoing. Also, your EYES!!! Your eyelashes are literally the longest and most perfect things ever 👀😍 I can’t wait to see what future endeavors you embark […]

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Seniors: Sophia M. ’20

Throwback to the 100mph wind hitting you 😂😂 should’ve included that pic 😉 Sophia you’re just the cutest human ever. I love that you’re considering a career path that’s personal to you and one that’s […]

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Seniors: Elaina ’20

WHO KEPT UP WITH OUR BEHIND-THE-SCENES STORIES? Hahahha… attempt #1 at senior session—mama nature: 1, me and Elaina: 0 😂😂😂 attempt #2: nailed it 😎 Elaina, thanks for really being down for an adventure. We gave […]

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Seniors: Sophia B. ’20

First off, I’m never gonna stop finding new and random places to shoot in in wayzata. Like WHAT. how cool is that first photo??? Just a random corner wall 😂 Second, Sophia… working with you […]

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Seniors: Hannah P. ’20

Umm emphasis on we found DOPE locations!!!! Love the urban and organic combination we had during Hannah and Katie’s session. Girls, I had so much fun with you the other evening. A car ride packed […]

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Seniors: Katie ’20

Did a twin session with Katie and Hannah…The more the merrier!! Granted they’re twins, these gals look so different that it was a fun challenge working with both of them at the same time. I […]

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Seniors: Macy ’20

I FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE HOBBY ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET…. photographing this girl!!!!! 😩😩😩 y’all this girl is a literal doll. Holy smokes. I cannot get over how adorable you are. I mean COME […]

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Associate Seniors: Gabriella ’20

{associate senior session} The arboretum was THE perfect location for allll of Gabriella’s outfits. Seriously lucked out with that, the weather and the arboretum staff being so clutch😉 Can y’all take the time and just […]

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