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Seniors: TJ ’20

I’m happy to say I have more than just 2 senior guys booked this year!!! TJ, I have to say, I had a great time working with you! You killed it and reminded me how […]

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Seniors: Ana ’20

I don’t think these photos do your bubbly personality any justice. Ana, you’re seriously pure joy to be around. I am excited to see what career path you go down because it HAS to be […]

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Seniors: Kristen ’20

Minus me getting eaten by a bug and us being so tired at the end of your shoot that we ended up with the unstoppable giggles, we had the BEST time. I still think it’s hilarious we […]

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Seniors: Colette ’20

You know you’re dedicated to your job when you’re willing to go ankle-deep in some slushy mud to get the perfect photo. We were both troopers… I’m so happy we got the most gorgeous photos […]

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Seniors: Morgan ’20

I don’t have 25 minute car talks about the ABC Bachelor with most people. Lets just say everything from the shoot to the car ride was fun with this one. Morgan, you’re breathtaking. I love […]

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Seniors: Bella ’20

I love how relatable our conversations were from the moment I met you! Like, we literally took a car break to cool down because it was so hot, but ended up just talking life. One […]

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Seniors: Geneva ’20

One of my favorite parts of a senior shoot is the car ride where we get to learn about each other. Geneva knows Chinese!!! What! Never would’ve guessed that. Oh and she’s basically a pro […]

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Seniors: Lauren ’20

Okay okay it’s not every day that you get to do your senior photos on a YACHT. How crazy awesome was that?!?!?! We’re walking the Excelsior dock and a yacht attendant stopped us and offered […]

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Seniors: Erin ’20

What a cutie!!!! Erin, you’re so bubbly and outgoing, your shoot was so fun from start to finish. I love how we topped the night off with you jumping into a fountain and just living […]

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Seniors: Brooke ’20

We all know someone that’s naturally beautiful and always looks perfect in front of the camera. Brooke is for sure one of those people. I’m not even kidding.. she looks darling in every photo. Brooke, […]

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