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Associate Seniors: Madison ’20

{associate senior session} Madison, you were the best LAST ASSOCIATE SENIOR ever. Super chill, outgoing and photogenic AF. Can not believe we got all of your 3 outfits in downtown chaska🙌🏻 worked out too perfectly😎 […]

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Seniors: Kyla ’20

You guys… I couldn’t have asked for a better last senior to wrap up the class of 2020. Kyla, you freaking ROCK!!!!! Funny enough we had this joke going that even the forces of this […]

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Seniors: Sara ’20

Hey uhh remember when I aggressively pulled over on the side of a random road because the tree colors were dope and I said it ~wasn’t busy~ only for 10 cars to come right at […]

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Seniors: Gage ’20

Y’all… idk WHAT was happening with the environment but I’m not kidding…. everywhere we went… there was a different new smell that we all encountered 😂😂😂 literally so random. Oh and at one point, we […]

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Seniors: Adhvika ’20

Talk about outfit choices on point! Adhvika killed it during her shoot. We had the perfect fall evening (okay maybe it was a little too hot… we had her shoot on the ONE heat wave […]

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Associate Seniors: Natalie ’20

{associate senior session} Natalie had the most FUN PERSONALITY, we made jokes about the dumbest stuff and got some great pics in the process. Also had a cat just magically appear out of nowhere and […]

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Associate Seniors: Alanah ’20

{associate senior session} Guys, Alanah (like what almost ALL of our seniors say🙄) says she’s not photogenic right before we start shooting. I snap one pic and I don’t stop until we’re 10 miles from […]

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Associate Seniors: Audrey ’20

{associate senior session} Audrey and I had so many funny talks about high school and college life on the way to each location😂 Good times good times. We got THE best mixture of urban and […]

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Associate Seniors: Sophia ’20

{associate senior session} Sophia has such an awesome vibe in front of the camera. Getting into editorial/creative poses like it’s NOTHIN… AAAnd while under the weather🤒 I thought that was soooo cool and it made […]

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Seniors: Anna L. ’20

First off, the fall colors were on point during Anna’s shoot. The orange weather pics were taken in a parking lot… oh and a random lady was watching us the entire time 😂😂 second… Anna […]

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