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Seniors: Ellie ’20

ELLIE YOU ARE A LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE. I heard from so many people how sweet and amazing you are so I was excited to finally meet you for myself. I can attest to this, […]

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Seniors: Megan ’20

1. We had the most perfect weather for your shoot 2. We found the best locations all paired up perfectly with each outfit 3. I’m obsessed with your photos 4. You’re perfect. Every time I […]

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Seniors: Marla ’20

I think the phrase “Marla Model Mode” was the best coined thing from your shoot. BAM cute senior smile BAM model smize. Girl, you for sure knew what you were doing. I had a blast […]

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Seniors: Iliana ’20

We literally shot until the sun went down. Iliana, it was so fun getting to work with you. You have such a unique look which made it extra fun being able to capture your beauty. […]

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Seniors: Coco ’20

I couldn’t have started my day any better (and by day I mean literally at the crack of dawn). Coco, your sunrise shoot was a BLAST. For anyone reading this, no… my morning shoots do […]

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Seniors: Olivia ’20

Talk about random locations. Thank goodness you were down to adventure because we hit up some sites that I saved back in winter and was dying to hit up for a senior rep shoot. Pros […]

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Seniors: Molly ’19

What a memorable way to end the 2019 senior season. First off—killer outfits. You looked absolutely stunning in each one. And those dance shots? You have got to be kidding me!!!! Molly, I have had […]

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Seniors: Alexa ’19

GIIIIRLFRIEND… are you kidding me? You are an actual QUEEN in front of the camera. Previous clients of mine who knew you literally said to me, “oh you have Alexa? Yeah you will have a […]

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Seniors: Carleen ’19

An evening with a fellow photographer? Yep–I’ll take that any day. No joke I’ve been wanting to take your senior photos since we first started chatting on Instagram a year or two ago. You are […]

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Seniors: Carley ’19

You are by far one of my most memorable seniors. Before your shoot even happened, we were texting about wardrobe selection and one message led to the next and we’re talking about life. You are […]

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