Engaged: Alex and Blake

This has to be one of my favorite engagement shoots… ever. I LOVED the idea of a home shoot. It’s been on my bucket list and your family house was literally perfect for this. Timeless, classy, and cozy. Blake and Alex, you two were a dream to photograph. You made my job easy because you were in your own world on cloud 9, having fun, and I was just there to capture all the love. I can’t believe how perfect this day turned out; we went from a gloomy sky to the most perfect sunset just in time when we went outside. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I also still get a kick when I look at the photos of you with Theodore. For the record, the photo of you two picking him up is THE most liked photo on our Instagram. There are comments on that post denying the fact that he’s even real. Oh he’s real alright. 75 pounds of fluff and cuteness. I hope he comes to the wedding ;)