Engaged: Amy and Dorian

Amy, woooow, I have known you since the 2nd or 3rd grade WAYYYYY back at Weaver Lake Elementary School. Here we are, 12 years later, celebrating a huge moment for you. I cannot believe after all these years, and me moving one too many times, we kept in contact and you kept supporting my photography. I remember a few years back, you messaged me saying “I don’t even have a boyfriend but one day you’re going to take my engagement photos.” and yet again, HERE WE ARE! Thank you for constantly supporting me throughout the years. You are amazing.

Amy and Dorian, you two are one darling couple. I love how genuine you were with one another every minute of the shoot. You truly made it a fun time. Still can’t believe we had to reschedule like–4 times? Who would’ve thought our original date back in March would end up being a blizzard day. Nonetheless, I’m so happy with how the shoot turned out. Can’t wait to keep cheering you two on in your relationship :D