Engaged: Haley and Thor

I usually meet up with couples at the location we decide to shoot at. However, with Haley and Thor living 5 minutes away from me, we decided to carpool. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Our car ride was filled with so many fun talks and laughs because I got to learn so much about their relationship I would’ve never learned otherwise. If you ever have the pleasure of knowing them, ask them about their first date ;)

On a more serious note–you two are darling. I knew Haley prior to this (shout out to freshmen year chemistry lab and lending her a pair of socks before she got kicked out, lol) but I had never seen her with Thor. You two are the best compliments, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect duo. 

BIG shout out to the Forever Bride vendors who contributed to this shoot. The picnic vision came together perfectly, thanks to your contributions. These vendors are some of the best out there. Not to mention, some of the coolest people to befriend.

Floral: Oak and Lily Studios
Decor: Dos Goats Plans
Dessert: The House of Brigadeiros