Seniors: Brooklynn ’19

Honestly, so much happened during your shoot. I’m laughing as I type up this blog. 1. Almost got pulled over right when we started your shoot (but didn’t!!!) and that led into us talking about my funny police stories. 2. Illegally parked with hazards on for 10 minutes to get some shots and instead of getting yelled at by cops, they drove past us saying “Hey! You look good!!” hahaha, can’t say that has ever happened. 3. We talked about your brother at the beginning of the shoot, I literally said “no, I don’t know a Ben Berg!” and then I proceeded to freak out when I saw his photo because he’s the guy that lives in the same building as me and I see him literally every day. 4. After we left that one red door, I thought we couldn’t top those shots but then I almost cried at those majestic photos of you by that white tree. In result: we had one crazy amazing evening.