Seniors: Eleanor ’20

Your shoot has to be one of the weirdest weather days i’ve ever… EVER had. Like, in 8 years of doing senior photos. It was sunny one minute and straight DOWNPOUR the next minute. That’s not even an exaggeration!!!! We didn’t call of your shoot and decided to go for it… thank goodness!!!! Thanks for being down to play it by ear 😂.  The last set of photos we did by the lake were right as a storm cloud was over our head (hence, the flat and perfect lighting in those shots). I believe the very last photo I took, it was slightly drizzling but right after we all celebrated, “take that, mother nature!!! We’re done!! We made it!!!” On the real though, Eleanor, you are breathtaking. You are beyond stunning and ever since meeting you during the BSM dance team season, I was hoping to take your senior photos one day. So glad that day came :)