Seniors: Emily L. ’20

YOU GUYS. How funny is this… a few months back, Emily and I were standing in line right next to each other for HOURS trying to get into the Jonas Brothers concert 😂 this was BEFORE she had booked me but I knew who she was (she’s cousins with my former senior, Molly) and she knew who I was because she wanted me to take her senior pics since then. well… neither of us said anything granted we both acknowledged one another 😂😅 finally, at her senior shoot, I broke the ice and told her I totally remembered her since then and we laughed it off… months later 😂 love how small of a world it is. Anyway, you’re adorable and so photogenic and bubbly and cute 😍😍 Oh, and you look tooooooo similar to Molly. Even on my instagram poll, followers said you look more like siblings than cousins ;)