Seniors: Grace M. ’20

GRACE!!!!! You are this little firecracker of so much energy and passion and AH! It was so cool learning about your life because you have done so much. More than anything I admire your determination and dedication to things you care about. I swear, you’re gonna be president one day ;) 

I had the easiest time photographing you. You knew exactly what to do in front of the camera and your bubbly personality shines through the photos. We went every, and I mean literally everywhere. I can’t even tell you which photos are my favorite. I still laugh to myself when I recall what happened after we were done with your last outfit… of course we get to my car only for me to have LOST MY KEYS ON THE BEACH. In that moment I thought to myself: this is it. We are stranded here and I don’t even own a spare key… hahaha. Spoiler alert: we found my keys. But now it’s become this amazing joke where I have the most obnoxious red lanyard with my keys on it, around my neck, at every shoot now. Hahahahah… happy to say that lovely story originated from your session ;)