Seniors: Julia ’20

Dope garage door with even doper reflections of the sky? 😍 Julia your shoot was so fun… like I don’t remember ever not laughing 😝 you and Jack have the excuse that you were wired on Monster… me on the other hand… 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

ALSO! We did THE COOLEST thing ever…

My job is honestly pretty darn awesome every day but here and there, I get some requests that I’m honored to be able to bring to life. Julia requested, if possible, to recreate one of her dads senior pics. She showed me the photo and I was like OH MAN YES I know exactly where that is! Granted, it’s very off road 🙃 so, we went to that exact spot in hopes to recreate that photo. But what happened was it was terrible lighting in the morning and didn’t work at all. But, we didn’t let that stop us. Jack was able to go another day, during the evening, for round 2 to try to get that shot. After an hour of touching up that photo alone, happy to say, it worked. Check out the photo at the bottom. Dad’s shocked reaction is awesome (the video is on instagram because I couldn’t upload it on here). SOOOO happy we were able to recreate this for you guys 😭