Seniors: Kyla ’20

You guys… I couldn’t have asked for a better last senior to wrap up the class of 2020. Kyla, you freaking ROCK!!!!! Funny enough we had this joke going that even the forces of this earth and mama nature don’t want us to finish the senior season because we had to move your shoot like 3 times 😂😅 hey at least we got PRIME fall vibes as a result. Oh and iconic day for me… I saw a woodpecker for the first time in my life (no, I didn’t know what they looked like. Yes, I did think they were squirrels with a red head because your girl is BLIND over 10 feet away hahahaha). Okay but for real, so many laughs, jokes, and memories from your shoot. Oh and thanks for being down to roll around in leaves 😂💯 (in reference to the location tag…. if u know u know 😉)