Seniors: Lilly ’20

LILLY I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Lilly is one of my high school best friend’s little sister and what’s insane is they are literally twins. You and Katherine are twins in every way from the way you talk and act to your sense of humor. This was the first time I got to really hang out with you and I was so thrown off because you’re your sister’s little replica.

Anyway!!! We were cracking jokes the entire car ride and at some point around 8AM we all hit giggle mode and could not stop laughing at everything. Like, literally everything. Well, in my defense I got the funniest “oops” photos of you so we were probably dying from laughter at that. Oh, and at one point we were dying from laughter at the random woman doing thrusting squats at the park bench right next to us… hahaha I can’t stop laughing even typing this up right now… 

ANYWAY!!!! AGAIN! You’re beautiful, inside and out. Love you girl :)