Seniors: Molly ’19

What a memorable way to end the 2019 senior season. First off—killer outfits. You looked absolutely stunning in each one. And those dance shots? You have got to be kidding me!!!! Molly, I have had the honor of seeing your talent in dance excel since videographing BSMDT last year. You always blow me away with your talent. Now being able to photograph you in your element?! HECK YES. You are breathtaking.

Outside of the photos, way to make this one memorable end to the season. I cannot believe you LOST YOUR CAR KEYS and we spent literally 45 minutes trying to find it, trace our steps, call your dad, contact AAA… only to realize you pulled a Cici and dropped it between my car’s back seats (shout out to Cici because this happened last year too… who will it be next year?!)  Love you girl! Thanks for a great shoot.