Seniors: Olivia ’21


WOW — finished off the class of 2021 senior rep shoots on the BEST note with Olivia. She was supposed to be my first rep shoot but with covid and having to postpone because of restrictions and a storm that happened on her 2nd rescheduled date, she ended up being the last senior rep shoot 🤩 Anyway… omg PLZ ask her about the “scoopy scoop” pose 😂🤣😂🤣 we may or may not have coined a new pose word at her shoot hahah. Do you ever wonder if those candid laughing photos are real or not? Well… they are… and they’re usually my senior laughing at something stupid I said HAHA. Also talk about random spots — we literally pulled over on the side of the road at least… 2? 3?? times because SOMETHING looked good and we had to stop for some pics. One stop was a parking lot, the other was just the side of the road because the sun was setting and we had to get some golden shots 🤩🤩