Seniors: Taylor ’21


At the beginning of every shoot, I ask if you like soft smiles or nah (just to know how much of what to mix in to your final gallery). Taylor said she doesn’t know if she likes her soft smile that much so we tried it for one pic—THE PIC THAT HAPPENS TO BE THE FIRST POSTED IN THIS SERIES—and we both freaked out over it so much I didn’t give her the option to not soft smile 😂😂😂😂 like gurrrrrl… r u kidding me?!! Straight M O D E L V I B E S. But for real then she just killed it the rest of the shoot with everything 😩🤩 also, her older sisters all took their senior pics at their family friend’s house so it was a tradition they wanted to hold on to. Dope house with a cool backyard and architecture? DONT HAVE TO ASK ME TWICE. The house gave us Salvatore Mansion vibes #IYKYK ;)