Seniors: Wyatt ’20

Whenever seniors get to my house for we start their shoot, I look through their outfits. The first thing I saw in Wyatt’s selection was a striped blue and white bottom and a striped blue and white button down. I was worried for a second because those were too matchy matchy and didn’t go together. I think Wyatt saw the subtle worry in my face and responded with, “oh.. by the way… my mom told me to remind you we are not doing those two together.” Haha! Okay… good. Somewhere mid-shoot, we joked about how funny I would be if mom saw the gallery and saw those two paired together. Well, we decided to make that happen and took some photos in those two together. Honestly you guys, even Wyatt couldn’t take it seriously. We were all straight laughing trying to take photos in that outfit. Okay, this post is getting long but had to share a forewarning before you got to the last photo and were like hmmmm… :D we make senior shoots a fun time ;)

On a real note, Wyatt, you were so fun to work with. What a great start to my morning filled with good talks and great laughs. You’ll make it far in life, my friend. Good luck to you on your senior year and beyond!