What do I wear to my senior pictures?!

HOMIE! I get it… this is like your big senior debut and you’re weeks/months away from your shoot yet already stressing about what to wear.




While what you wear matters, just know that you want to be COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in whatever you’re wearing.


  1. To start, you do NOT need to go out on a shopping spree and buy new clothes. While this might be a great excuse to (lol), don’t feel like you have to! Is there a cute dress you absolutely LOVE that’s sitting in your closet that you wore for your bday last year and you haven’t had a reason to wear since? Well this might be a good time to wear it!!!! Do you adore a top you bought at Free People and it makes you feel gooooood? WEAR IT!!!!


  1. Depending on how many outfits your session includes, try to incorporate a variety of styles/cuts and colors. I always have that one senior who comes to their shoot with 5 outfits of the SAME COLOR! I literally had a senior do that last summer and I said “Wow… you must really love blue…” and she goes “OMG I DIDN’T REALIZE ALL MY OUTFITS ARE JUST DIFFERENT SHADES OF BLUE!!” (true story, lol). *awkward* don’t be that kid ;)


Try to have one pants outfit and one dress/skirt (more formal) outfit. There are certain poses you can do in pants that you cannot do as comfortably in a dress. Likewise, with a dress or skirt, you can do some movement shots (girls looooove that flowy dress shot) or get a more formal look!


  1. GUYS!!! For your variety, I suggest one outfit that’s more casual (example: shorts and a t-shirt) and one outfit that’s slightly more formal. I’m not saying you need to show up in a full suit like you’re the usher at your cousin’s wedding BUT what I’m saying is even a button-down dress shirt is a good formal look. You can even throw in a sportier outfit if that’s your vibe!


  1. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: consider what SEASON your shoot is in and pick outfits accordingly. If you have an October session booked, don’t show up in a summery dress. You can’t hide the seasons in pictures… it’ll just look out of place. Ya feel? If you are dying to wear your cute flowy dress with dandelion prints on it, schedule your shoot for the summer. If you’re a sweater weather lover, book a fall shoot!!! I always have a gal who pulls up to her shoot with a sweater and it’s mid-July. I’m like girllllll… I’m getting a heat stroke just looking at you. *awkarddddd* don’t be that kid ;)


If you book your senior pictures with us, we provide for you a handy dandy senior guide upon booking. It includes a BUNCH of information from more specific wardrobe tips, location ideas, and advice from former seniors :) OH and I’m literally one text away from answering alllllll your wardrobe questions :D


Need Inspo?

Check out former senior sessions on our senior blog page! You'll see what other guys and gals have worn to their sessions. Our senior Instagram page is also super helpful :) @lahzehphotography.seniors